The Official Journal of EuroPCR and the European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (EAPCI)


Conquering CTO revascularisation: the summit is near with 90% of the ascent behind us

EuroIntervention 2016;12:e1319-e1321 published online e-edition December 2016. DOI: 10.4244/EIJV12I11A218

1. Careggi University Hospital, Florence, Italy; 2. Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Although mortality and morbidity from coronary heart disease have decreased in many countries, the complexity of the patients treated has increased, concomitantly with the continuous rise of patients’ age. In particular, two recent registries have reported a prevalence of coronary total occlusion (CTO) as high as 15-20% in the overall patient population undergoing coronary angiography1,2. In studies focusing on diabetes mellitus or heart failure3,4, the prevalence of CTO is greater than 40%. The presence of CTO influences the revascularisation strategy, with patients more often left on medical therapy or referred for coronary bypass surgery. This in turn modifies patient outcome.##...

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