Clinical research

Mitral annular reduction with subablative therapeutic ultrasound: pre-clinical evaluation of the ReCor device

EuroIntervention 2010;6:54-62.

Hasan Jilaihawi
Hasan Jilaihawi1, MD; Renu Virmani2, MD; Hiroshi Nakagawa3, MD; Anique Ducharme4, MD; Yan-Fen Shi4, MD; Naima Carter-Monroe2, MD; Elena Ladich2, MD; Mano Iyer5, BSc; Atsushi Ikeda3, MD; Anita Asgar1, MD; Raoul Bonan1*, MD
1. Interventional Cardiology, Montréal Heart Institute, Montreal, Canada; 2. Histopathology, CV Path Institute, Gaithersburg, MD, USA; 3. Electrophysiology, Heart Rhythm Institute, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma, OK, USA; 4. Cardi

Aims: To evaluate the potential for mitral annular (MA) size reduction using a novel device utilising therapeutic ultrasound (TU).

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mitral valve diseasevalvular heart diseasevalvuloplasty
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