Dynamic transcatheter mitral valve repair: a new concept to treat functional mitral regurgitation using an adjustable spacer

EuroIntervention 2017;13:280-283 published online May 2017. DOI: 10.4244/EIJ-D-16-00970

Miriam Silaschi
Miriam Silaschi1, MD; Niki Nicou1, PhD; Mehdi Eskandari2, MD; Omar Aldalati2, MD; Christopher Seguin3, BSc; Thomas Piemonte4, MD; Theresa McDonagh2, MD; Rafal Dworakowski2, MD, PhD; Jonathan Byrne2, PhD; Philip MacCarthy2, PhD; Mark Monaghan2, PhD; Olaf Wendler1*, MD, PhD
1. Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, King’s College Hospital, London, United Kingdom; 2. Department of Cardiology, King’s College Hospital, London, United Kingdom; 3. Cardiosolutions, Inc., West Bridgewater, MA, USA; 4. Department of Cardiovascular Me

We report the first-in-man implantation of the Mitra-Spacer. The device was implanted transapically. FMR was reduced to moderate. At two months, while in NYHA Class II, LVEF had improved, but FMR increased and 2 mL was added,

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acute heart failuremitral valve repairtransapical
Interventions for valvular diseaseMitral valve replacement and repairTools, devices and techniques
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