Coronary interventions - Mini focus on left main revascularisation

Napkin ring formation in culotte stenting using current-generation drug-eluting stents in left main coronary artery bifurcation

EuroIntervention 2022;17:1488-1489. DOI: 10.4244/EIJ-D-21-00393

Yoshinobu Murasato
Yoshinobu Murasato1, MD, PhD; Kyohei Meno1, MD; Yujiro Ura1, MD; Katsuhiko Takenaka1, MD, PhD
1. Department of Cardiology and Clinical Research Center, National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center, Fukuoka, Japan

Figure 1. Case presentation. A) Baseline coronary angiography (CAG): RAO cranial view. B) RAO caudal view showing a subtotal occlusion (arrows) and 90% stenosis in the LCX (yellow triangle). C) Second PCI, 1 week later. C1) Resolute Onyx (3.0/15 mm) implantation in the LCX with protrusion into the LM (red triangle). C2) CAG failed to show the stent-jailed LAD. D) Third PCI, 1 month later. D1) 3D-OCT image at the LAD ostium: jailing struts with four link connections (red triangles), and guidewire crossing the most proximal cell (a). D2) Stent edge with the smallest cells (red) occupied. D3) Design of Resolute Onyx stent. The ...

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