10.4244/EIJV8I9A151 Jan 18, 2013
The authors’ challenge
Serruys PW

10.4244/EIJV8I9A152 Jan 18, 2013
Catheter-based renal denervation: a word of caution
Mahfoud F, Kjeldsen S

10.4244/EIJV8I9A153 Jan 18, 2013
First-in-man, last in evidence?
Brugaletta S, Sabaté M

10.4244/EIJV8I9A154 Jan 18, 2013
Innovation in education: what’s new in 2013?
Fajadet J

10.4244/EIJV8I9A156 Jan 18, 2013
First-in-man evaluation of the MOMO cobalt-chromium carbon-coated stent
Kesavan S, Strange J, Johnson T, Flohr-Roese S, Baumbach A

10.4244/EIJV8I9A157 Jan 18, 2013
First-in-man assessment of a dedicated guidewire for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Roy D, Laborde J-C, Sharma R, Jahangiri M, Brecker S

10.4244/EIJV8I9A158 Jan 18, 2013
First clinical experience with the GARDEX EPD: a novel embolic protection device for carotid artery stenting
Werner M, Scheinert D, Borghesi R, Cremonesi A, Rosenchein U, Scheinert S, Braunlich S, Bausback Y, Ulrich M, Schmidt A

10.4244/EIJV8I9A160 Jan 18, 2013
An intravascular ultrasound comparison of left anterior descending artery/first diagonal branch versus distal left main coronary artery bifurcation lesions
Yakushiji T, Maehara A, Mintz GS, Saito S, Araki H, Oviedo C, Choi S-Y, Tahk S, Leon MB, Stone GW, Moses J, Ochiai M

10.4244/EIJV8I9A162 Jan 18, 2013
A randomised study of dabigatran in elective percutaneous coronary intervention in stable coronary artery disease patients
Vranckx P, Verheugt F, de Maat MP, Ulmans V, Regar E, Smits PC, ten Berg JM, Lindeboom W, Jones R, Friedman J, Reilly P, Leebeek F

10.4244/EIJV8I9A163 Jan 18, 2013
Impact of atrial fibrillation on clinical outcomes among patients with coronary artery disease undergoing revascularisation with drug-eluting stents
Pilgrim T, Kalesan B, Zanchin T, Pulver C, Jung S, Mattle H, Carrel T, Moschovitis A, Stortecky S, Wenaweser P, Stefanini G, Räber L, Meier B, Jüni P, Windecker S

10.4244/EIJV8I9A164 Jan 18, 2013
Emergent cardiac surgery during transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI): a weighted meta-analysis of 9,251 patients from 46 studies
Eggebrecht H, Schmermund A, Kahlert P, Erbel R, Voigtlander T, Mehta R

10.4244/EIJV8I9A165 Jan 18, 2013
Therapeutic angiogenesis with VEGF164 for facilitation of guidewire crossing in experimental arterial chronic total occlusions
Teitelbaum A, Qi X, Osherov A, Fraser A, Ladouceur-Wodzak M, Munce N, Qiang B, Weisbrod M, Bierstone D, Erlich I, Sparkes J, Wright G, Strauss B
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