Biolimus-eluting versus everolimus-eluting stents in coronary artery disease: a pooled analysis from the NEXT (NOBORI biolimus-eluting versus XIENCE/PROMUS everolimus-eluting stent) and COMPARE II (Abluminal biodegradable polymer biolimus-eluting stent versus durable polymer everolimus-eluting stent) randomised trials

EuroIntervention 2017;12:1970-1977 published online November 2016. DOI: 10.4244/EIJ-D-16-00773

Georgios J. Vlachojannis
Georgios J. Vlachojannis1, MD, PhD; Serban Puricel2, MD; Masahiro Natsuaki3, MD; Takeshi Morimoto4, MD, PhD, MPH; Pieter C. Smits1*, MD, PhD; Takeshi Kimura5, MD; on behalf of the NEXT and COMPARE II investigators
1. Division of Cardiology, Maasstad Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 2. Division of Cardiology, University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland; 3. Division of Cardiology, Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan; 4. Department of Clinical Ep

Aims: This study sought to investigate the safety and efficacy of a biolimus-eluting stent with biodegradable polymer (BP-BES) (Nobori; Terumo Corp.) compared to an everolimus-eluting ste

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biodegradable polymerbiolimus-eluting stenteverolimus-eluting stentnoboripooled analysisxience
Coronary interventionsStents and scaffoldsTools, devices and techniques
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