Anaesthetic management of transcatheter aortic valve implantation: results from the Italian CoreValve registry

EuroIntervention 2016;12:381-388 published online ahead of print March 2015. DOI: 10.4244/EIJY15M03_05

Anna  Sonia Petronio
A. Sonia Petronio1, MD; Cristina Giannini1*, MD, PhD; Marco De Carlo1; MD, PhD; Francesco Bedogni2, MD; Antonio Colombo3, MD; Corrado Tamburino4, MD, PhD; Silvio Klugmann5, MD; Arnaldo Poli6, MD; Fabio Guarracino7, MD; Marco Barbanti4, MD; Azeem Latib3, MD; Nedy Brambilla2, MD; Claudia Fiorina8, MD; Giuseppe Bruschi5, MD; Paola Martina
1. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Cardiothoracic Department, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Pisana, Pisa, Italy; 2. Istituto Clinico Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy; 3. Istituto Scientifico H. San Raffaele, Milan, Italy; 4. Division of Cardiology, Fer

Aims: Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) represents a valid therapeutic alternative for patients with severe aortic stenosis at high surgical risk. However, there is no genera

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general anaesthesialocal anaesthesiatranscatheter aortic valve implantation
Interventions for valvular diseaseTAVIVascular access and bleeding
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