Longer pre-hospital delays and higher mortality in women with STEMI: the e-MUST Registry

EuroIntervention 2016;12:e542-e549 published online e-edition August 2016. DOI: 10.4244/EIJV12I5A93

Hakim Benamer
Hakim Benamer1,2,3*, MD; Sophie Bataille4, MD; Muriel Tafflet5,6,7, MPH; Patricia Jabre5,8, MD; François Dupas9, MD; François X. Laborne10, MD; Frédéric Lapostolle11,12, MD, PhD; Hugues Lefort13, MD; Jean-Michel Juliard14, MD; Jean-Yves Letarnec15, MD; Lionel Lamhaut5,8, MD; Gaelle Lebail16, MD; Thevy Boche17, MD; Aurélie Loyeau4; Christophe Caussin18, MD; Mireille Mapouata4; Nicole Karam5,6,7,19, MD, MPH; Xavier Jouven5,6,7,19, MD, PhD; Christian Spauldin
1. Cardiology Department, European Hospital of Paris - La Roseraie, ICV-GVM, Aubervilliers, France; 2. Interventional Cardiology Department, Institut Jacques Cartier, ICPS, Massy, France; 3. Cardiology Department, Foch Hospital, Suresnes, France; 4. Regis

Aims: The mortality rate in patients with STEMI is higher in women than in men. This higher mortality rate is partly accounted for by certain known characteristics inherent in the female

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mortalitymyocardial infarctiontime to reperfusionwomen
Coronary interventionsSTEMI
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