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Letter: Spontaneous coronary artery dissection in France

EuroIntervention 2021;17:525. DOI: 10.4244/EIJ-D-21-00026L

Fernando Alfonso
Fernando Alfonso1, MD; Marcos García-Guimaraes2, MD; Santiago J. Camacho-Freire3, MD; Soledad Ojeda4, MD; Teresa Bastante1, MD; Fernando Rivero1, MD
1. Cardiac Department, Hospital Universitario de La Princesa, IIS-IP, Madrid, Spain; 2. Cardiac Department, Hospital del Mar, IMIM, Barcelona, Spain; 3. Cardiac Department, Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez, Huelva, Spain; 4. Cardiac Department, Hospital Reina Sofía, IMIBIC, Córdoba, Spain
We read with great interest the study by Combaret et al1 reporting the French registry on spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD). This was a large ambispective study including 373 patients with SCAD from 51 clinical sites in France. Importantly, in all cases the diagnosis was confirmed in an angiographic core lab by experts on this condition. In addition, genetic studies were available in most patients, confirming the genetic association of this entity with the PHACTR1 locus1. Overall, demographic, clinical and angiographic findings were remarkably similar to those found in the prospective Spanish SCAD registry, including 318 consecutive SCAD cases (from 31 clinical sites), also ...

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Reply: Spontaneous coronary artery dissection in France

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