Acute stent recoil and optimal balloon inflation strategy: an experimental study using real-time optical coherence tomography

EuroIntervention 2016;12:e190-e198 published online e-edition June 2016. DOI: 10.4244/EIJV12I2A32

Hideki Kitahara
Hideki Kitahara, MD, PhD; Katsuhisa Waseda, MD, PhD; Ryotaro Yamada, MD, PhD; Kyuhachi Otagiri, MD, PhD; Shigemitsu Tanaka, MD; Yuhei Kobayashi, MD; Kozo Okada, MD, PhD; Teruyoshi Kume, MD, PhD; Kaori Nakagawa, MD, PhD; Tomohiko Teramoto, MD, PhD; Fumiaki Ikeno, MD; Paul G. Yock, MD; Peter J. Fitzgerald, MD, PhD; Yasuhiro Honda*, MD
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA

Aims: Our aim was to evaluate stent expansion and acute recoil at deployment and post-dilatation, and the impact of post-dilatation strategies on final stent dimensions.

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experimentaloptical coherence tomographystent designs
Coronary interventionsStents and scaffoldsInvasive imaging and functional assessmentTools, devices and techniques
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