Jan 1, 2024

Volume 20 Number 1

This issue includes a state-of-the-art review on inflammation in atherosclerosis – the underlying mechanism of inflammation, the biomarkers and what our therapeutic options are today. In coronary interventions: a minifocus on robotics in coronary revascularisation including articles on robotic-assisted coronary artery bypass grafting and robotic PCI versus manual PCI. In interventions for valvular disease and heart failure: an article on ultrasound-guided transfemoral access; the ROTA-CUT trial investigating whether stent expansion is better optimised by combining rotational atherectomy with cutting balloon angioplasty or with non-compliant balloon angioplasty; the 1-year results of the ACURATE neo2 PMCF study; Evolut PRO vs SAPIEN 3 in the OPERA-TAVI registry. A research correspondence on the use of QFR to predict post-PCI coronary events; a debate on the role of observational studies in the era of randomised controlled trials; and more...

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Targeting inflammation in atherosclerosis: overview, strategy and directions
Waksman R, Merdler I, Case BC, Waksman O, Porto I

Minifocus on robotics in coronary revascularisation

Long-term clinical outcomes of robotic-assisted surgical coronary artery revascularisation
Dokollari A, Sicouri S, Erten O, Gray WA, Shapiro TA, McGeehin F, Badri M, Coady P, Gnall E, Caroline M, Khan AA, Kjelstrom S, Montone G, Ramlawi B, Wertan MA, Sutter FP, Torregrossa G

Editorial comment

Procedural and one-year outcomes of robotic-assisted versus manual percutaneous coronary intervention
Bay B, Kiwus LM, Goßling A, Koester L, Blaum C, Schrage B, Clemmensen P, Blankenberg S, Waldeyer C, Seiffert M, Brunner FJ

Editorial comment

Robotic-assisted percutaneous coronary intervention: the future or the past?
Durand E, Eltchaninoff H

Original Research

Ultrasound guidance for transfemoral access in coronary procedures: an individual participant-level data meta analysis from the femoral ultrasound trialist collaboration
d'Entremont M, Alrashidi S, Seto AH, Nguyen P, Marquis-Gravel G, Abu-Fadel M, Juergens C, Tessier P, Lemaire-Paquette S, Heenan L, Skuriat E, Tyrwhitt J, Couture ÉL, Bérubé S, Jolly S
Rotational atherectomy combined with cutting balloon to optimise stent expansion in calcified lesions: the ROTA-CUT randomised trial
Sharma S, Mehran R, Vogel B, Hooda A, Sartori S, Hanstein R, Feng Y, Shlofmitz RA, Jeremias A, Spirito A, Cao D, Shlofmitz E, Ali ZA, Yasumura K, Minatoguchi S, Vengrenyuk Y, Kini A, Moses J

Editorial comment

Outcomes and performance of the ACURATE neo2 transcatheter heart valve in clinical practice: one-year results of the ACURATE neo2 PMCF Study
Kim W, Möllmann H, Montorfano M, Ellert-Gregersen J, Rudolph TK, Van Mieghem NM, Hilker M, Amat-Santos I, Terkelsen CJ, Petronio AS, Stella P, Götberg M, Rück A, Kasel AM, Trillo R, Appleby C, Barbanti M, Blanke P, Asch FM, Modolo R, Allocco DJ, Tamburino C

Editorial comment

One-year clinical outcomes of transcatheter aortic valve implantation with the latest iteration of self-expanding or balloon expandable devices: insights from the OPERA-TAVI registry
Costa G, Saia F, Pilgrim T, Abdel-Wahab M, Garot P, Sammartino S, Gandolfo C, Branca L, Latib A, Amat-Santos I, Mylotte D, De Marco F, De Backer O, Nombela Franco L, Akodad M, Ribichini FL, Bedogni F, Mazzapicchi A, Tomii D, Laforgia P, Cannata S, Fiorina C, Scotti A, Fezzi S, Criscione E, Poletti E, Mazzucca M, Lunardi M, Mainardi A, Andreaggi S, Quagliana A, Montarello N, Hennessey B, Mon-Noboa M, Meier D, Adamo M, Sgroi C, Reddavid CM, Strazzieri O, Crescenzia Motta S, Frittitta V, Dipietro E, Comis A, Melfa C, Calì M, Laterra G, Thiele H, Webb JG, Sondergaard L, Tamburino C, Barbanti M

Research Correspondence

Quantitative flow ratio for the prediction of coronary events after percutaneous coronary intervention
Kageyama S, O'Leary N, Chenniganahosahalli Revaiah P, Ninomiya K, Masuda S, Kotoku N, Ilancheran N, Garg S, Harte E, Ni Bheolain G, Reiber JH, Tu S, Zaman A, Sabaté M, Möllmann H, Sharif F, Lemoine J, Wlodarczak A, Onuma Y, Serruys PW


UNICA − a novel single-stent, double-valve, heterotopic, cross-caval approach for severe tricuspid insufficiency
Sherif M, Schmidt A, Path JR, Reinthaler M, Trippel TD
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