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EAPCI membership: why should you become an EAPCI member? Message from Emanuele Barbato, EAPCI President

The new EAPCI membership was launched at PCR London Valves 2023. With an ever-increasing demand on time and energy, and with medical knowledge and technical advancements expanding exponentially, we want to offer our members more and make you part of the future of our association. Here I would like to highlight some of the key EAPCI programmes members are eligible to apply for.

Take the EAPCI Certification

The EAPCI Certification in interventional cardiology is a well-established pathway, allowing operators to develop and demonstrate knowledge, skills, and competency levels. The theory exam, based on 100 multiple choice questions, can be taken online, and the practical pathway is available to take in local centres which meet certification criteria. EAPCI provides international recognition of the operator status. We are focused on increasing the number of countries that adopt the EAPCI exam and acknowledge EAPCI certification. The Structural Heart Intervention Curriculum is under review and, once finalised, a Certification pathway in structural intervention will be developed.

Apply for EAPCI Fellowship Grants

The EAPCI Fellowship Grants support Interventional Cardiology Fellows to undergo a year-long period of training outside of their own country. The EAPCI is committed to equitable access to training for all and has allocated 50% of Fellowship Grants to men and 50% to women since 2018. Previous grant winners have gone on to become leaders in the field, not only within their own countries but throughout the EAPCI community. Furthermore, the EAPCI Grants allow access to training and technologies which may not be available in the awardees’ home country, giving them the skills and knowledge to develop programmes upon their return.

Become an EAPCI Fellowship Host Centre

Any cardiac catheterisation laboratory that meets the guidelines for hosting an EAPCI Fellowship awardee may propose itself as a host centre. Applicants are encouraged to make contact with host centres and develop a training plan. Awardees and host centres are matched following careful evaluation of all candidates and centres. Host centres benefit from integration of the EAPCI Grant winner into their training programme, and lifelong collaborations and friendships are formed.

Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

EAPCI membership offers numerous benefits to the nurses and allied health professionals (NAPs) community. The NAPs have developed a new online course following the NAPs Curriculum. The key aims of the new EAPCI NAPs Course are to deliver the knowledge required to work at a higher level in the cath lab setting and to deliver a standardised educational programme for all NAPs working in a cath lab. The course will be delivered over 9 modules which can be taken at your own pace.

Online coaching programme

This initiative led by the Gender & Disparities Committee Chairs aims to help participants to successfully reintegrate into their clinical roles after a period of absence due to sick leave or maternity. The programme is open to interventional cardiologists who are EAPCI members and are either returning from sickness or maternity leave or planning to return shortly after the program begins. The call for applications will be launched in March 2024.

Volume 20 Number 1
Jan 1, 2024
Volume 20 Number 1
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