Clinical research

Optical coherence tomography in unprotected left main coronary artery stenting

EuroIntervention 2010;6:94-99.

Guido Parodi
Guido Parodi1*, MD, PhD; Akiko Maehara2, MD; Gabriele Giuliani1, MD; Takashi Kubo2, MD; Gary S. Mintz2, MD; Angela Migliorini1, MD; Renato Valenti1, MD; Nazario Carrabba1, MD; David Antoniucci1, MD
1. Division of Cardiology, Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy; 2. Cardiovascular Research Foundation; New York, NY, USA

Aims: Delayed or incomplete stent endothelisation and stent malapposition may predispose to DES thrombosis that can be a catastrophic event in the left main coronary artery (LMCA). OCT can

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optical coherence tomographystent thrombosisleft main coronary arterydrug eluting stent
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