The Official Journal of EuroPCR and the European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (EAPCI)


Dabigatran-based dual antithrombotic therapy for patients with atrial fibrillation and ST-elevation myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention

EuroIntervention 2021;17:443-444. DOI: 10.4244/EIJV17I6A79

1. Division of Cardiology, University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville, FL, USA; 2. Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Sciences, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy
The saga of the optimal antithrombotic therapy to be used among patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) has been highly interwoven, with recommendations changing significantly over the last decade1. The current consensus is that, after a short course of triple therapy (e.g., up to one week), the default strategy should be early initiation of dual antithrombotic therapy with a novel oral anticoagulant plus a P2Y12 inhibitor, preferably clopidogrel (i.e., discontinue aspirin)2,3. While a dual antithrombotic strategy has consistently been shown to be associated with reduced bleeding, some meta-analyses have suggested that this may ...

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