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A randomised comparison between everolimus-eluting stent and sirolimus-eluting stent in chronic coronary total occlusions. Rationale and design of the CIBELES (non-acute Coronary occlusion treated By EveroLimus-Eluting Stent) trial

EuroIntervention 2010;6:112-116.

Raul Moreno
Raúl Moreno1*, MD; Eulogio Garcia2, MD; Rui C. Teles3, MD; Manuel S. Almeida3; Henrique Cyrne Carvalho4, MD; Manel Sabate5, MD; Roberto Martin-Reyes1, MD; José Ramón Rumoroso6, MD; Guillermo Galeote1, MD; Francisco Javier Goicolea7, MD; José Moreu8, MD; Vicente Mainar9, MD; Josefa Mauri11, MD; Rui Ferreira12, MD; Mariano Valdes13, MD; Armando Perez de Prado14, MD; Victoria Martin-Yuste14, MD; Santiago Jimenez-Valero1; Angel Sanchez-Recalde1. University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain; 2. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain; 3. Hospital Sta. Cruz, Lisboa, Portugal; 4. Hospital Sto. Antonio, Porto, Portugal; 5. Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain; 6. Hospital de Galdakao, Bilbao, Spain;

Chronic total coronary occlusions constitute a sub-group of lesions at very high risk of restenosis after successful percutaneous coronary intervention. The sirolimus-eluting coronary stent is the only drug-eluti

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coronary stentchronic coronary occlusiondrug-eluting stent
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