Saline-induced Pd/Pa ratio predicts functional significance of coronary stenosis assessed using fractional flow reserve

EuroIntervention 2018;14:898-906 published online April 2018. DOI: 10.4244/EIJ-D-17-01010

Yoshiharu Fujimori
Yoshiharu Fujimori1*, MD; Tomoko Baba1, MD; Kyohei Yamazaki2, MD; Satoshi Hashimoto1, MD; Yasushi Yamanaka1, MD; Kenichiro Ebisuda1, MD; Kazuto Kurihara1, MD; Naoki Koike2, MD; Nao Takeuchi1, MD; Shigeru Nishiyama1, MD; Yuya Terasawa1, CE; Tadamasa Wakabayashi1, MD; Taku Imai1, MD
1. Department of Cardiology, Suwa Central Hospital, Chino, Japan; 2. Department of Cardiology, Showa Inan General Hospital, Komagane, Japan

Aims: Fractional flow reserve (FFR), assessed using distal coronary pressure/aortic pressure (Pd)/(Pa) ratio, functionally evaluates coronary stenosis. An assessment method without vasodi

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