Interventions for hypertension and heart failure

Left atrial decompression through unidirectional left-to-right interatrial shunt for the treatment of left heart failure: first-in-man experience with the V-Wave device

EuroIntervention 2015;10:1127-1131 published online ahead of print May 2014. DOI: 10.4244/EIJY14M05_07

Ignacio Amat-Santos
Ignacio J. Amat-Santos1, MD; Sebastien Bergeron1, MD; Mathieu Bernier1, MD; Ricardo Allende1, MD; Henrique Barbosa Ribeiro1, MD; Marina Urena1, MD; Philippe Pibarot1, PhD; Stefan Verheye2, MD, PhD; Gad Keren3, MD; Menashe Yaacoby4, PhD; Yaacov Nitzan4, PhD; William T. Abraham5, MD; Josep Rodés-Cabau1*, MD
1. Department of Cardiology, Quebec Heart & Lung Institute, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; 2. Antwerp Cardiovascular Center, Antwerp, Belgium; 3. Department of Cardiology, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel; 4. V-Wave Ltd, Or-Akiva, Israel; 5. Divisi

Aims: Elevated filling pressures of the left atrium (LA) are associated with poorer outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure. The V-Wave is a new percutaneously implanted device in

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