The Official Journal of EuroPCR and the European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (EAPCI)

Clinical research

Prevalence and characteristics of major and minor coronary artery anomalies in an adult population assessed by computed tomography coronary angiography

EuroIntervention 2009;4:641-647 - DOI10.4244/EIJV4I5A107.

1. Departments of Cardiovascular Imaging and Interventional Cardiology 4, Otamendi Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Argentina; 3. Department of Radiology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Th

Aims: There is conflicting data regarding the prevalence and characteristics of coronary artery anomalies (CAAs). We sought to explore the prevalence and characteristics of major and minor

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