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A State-of-the-Art on in-stent restenosis; a mini focus on drug-eluting stents and drug-coated balloons; optical coherence tomography criteria of suboptimal stent deployment; cerebral embolism and transcatheter edge-to-edge repair of the mitral valve; leaflet-to-annulus index and residual tricuspid regurgitation after transcatheter repair; and more...

EuroIntervention 2022;18:e1-e3.

Davide Capodanno
Davide Capodanno
I asked the fantastic EuroIntervention production team to let me send this text in at the very last moment before our publication deadline. Why? Because I wanted to be sure to draw my inspiration directly from EuroPCR itself and then write it all immediately on my way back from the meeting. This way, I would be sure to capture and synthesise my most spontaneous emotions – before I return to my daily routine.

If I hadn’t been given the time and had been obliged to write this before EuroPCR’s return to ...

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