Volume 18 Number 13
February 2023

Volume 18 Number 13

A State-of-the-Art on LAAO. In interventions for valvular disease and heart failure: an analysis of whether continued NOAC vs continued VKA is safe during TAVI; conduction disturbances and PPI post-TAVR using the ACURATE neo and the CoreValve Evolut R in the SCOPE II trial; a new transjugular transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement device, the LuX-Valve Plus. In coronary interventions: the UZ Clear study results on coronary microvascular dysfunction and cardiac stress tests; an extended follow-up on the COMBINE OCT-FFR study on long-term outcomes of patients with diabetes mellitus, normal FFR and thin cap fibroatheroma-positive lesions; an investigation of the safety and efficacy of left main percutaneous coronary interventions using the Resolute Onyx DES from the ROLEX Registry. In interventions for hypertension and stroke: the translational value of the normotensive porcine model for RDN when compared to RDN in untreated human cadavers; and more...


Interventions for valvular disease and heart failure

Coronary interventions