Feb 18, 2022

Volume 17 Number 15

A State of the Art on imaging, specifically looking at echocardiographic guidance for transcatheter-based treatment of structural heart disease. An article on TAVI vs SAVR for bicuspid aortic valve stenosis. A mini focus on coronary physiology including articles on outcomes of quantitative flow ratio-based percutaneous coronary interventions; reasons for the lack of reproducibility in quantitative flow ratio measurement; coronary artery flow dominance in clinical physiological assessments and a review of current knowledge in coronary vasomotor function testing along with what is missing for its widespread use and more...

State of the art

Echocardiographic guidance in transcatheter structural cardiac interventions
Agricola E, Meucci F, Ancona F, Pardo Sanz A, Zamorano JL

Interventions for valvular disease and heart failure

Valve-in-valve transcatheter aortic valve implantation versus repeat surgical aortic valve replacement in patients with a failed aortic bioprosthesis
Majmundar M, Doshi R, Kumar A, Johnston D, Brockett J, Kanaa'N A, Lahorra J, Svensson L, Krishnaswamy A, Reed GW, Puri R, Kapadia S, Kalra A

Editorial comment

A novel three-dimensional imaging approach to evaluate coronary access before transcatheter aortic valve-in-valve implantation
Khokhar A, Ponticelli F, Zlahoda-Huzior A, Ruggiero R, Kim W, Mangieri A, Colombo A, Dudek D, Giannini F

Coronary interventions - Mini focus on Coronary Physiology

Outcomes of quantitative flow ratio-based percutaneous coronary intervention in an all-comers study
Zhang R, Dou K, Guan C, Zou T, Zhang M, Yuan S, Qiao Z, Xie L, Sun Z, Song L, Qiao S, Stone GW, Xu B

Editorial comment

Diagnosis is different: implications for clinical trials
Johnson NP, Collet C
Reproducibility of quantitative flow ratio: the QREP study
Westra J, Sejr-Hansen M, Koltowski L, Mejía-Rentería H, Tu S, Kochman J, Zhang Y, Liu T, Campo G, Hjort J, Mogensen LJH, Erriquez A, Andersen B, Eftekhari A, Escaned J, Christiansen E, Holm N
Phasic flow patterns of right versus left coronary arteries in patients undergoing clinical physiological assessment
Seligman H, Nijjer S, van de Hoef TP, de Waard G, Mejía-Rentería H, Echavarria-Pinto M, Shun-Shin M, Howard J, Cook C, Warisawa T, Ahmad Y, Androshchuk V, Rajkumar C, Nowbar A, Kelshiker M, van Lavieren M, Meuwissen M, Danad I, Knaapen P, Sen S, Al-Lamee R, Mayet J, Escaned J, Piek J, van Royen N, Davies J, Francis D, Petraco R
Principles and pitfalls in coronary vasomotor function testing
Feenstra R, Seitz A, Boerhout C, Bukkems L, Stegehuis V, Teeuwisse P, de Winter R, Sechtem U, Piek J, van de Hoef TP, Ong P, Beijk M
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