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A state-of-the-art on CTO recanalisation; urine alkalinisation, bicarbonates and contrast-induced acute kidney injury; coronary lithotripsy; timing of coronary angiography in non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndromes; a novel device for cerebral protection during TAVI; an expert consensus on IVUS for peripheral interventions; and more

EuroIntervention 2022;18:.

Davide Capodanno
Davide Capodanno
Some people believe that the job of an Editor-in-Chief essentially consists of reviewing all the papers that are submitted to a publication and then deciding their fate based on editorial instinct or strategic vision. It is as if peer reviews were an ancillary fact, but the truth is that no, it is not that at all, at least not in the weekly meeting where editorial decisions take place.

So, I think it is perfectly useless to ask an Editor-in-Chief what he or she thinks about the publishable nature of an article. For me, for example, it is much easier ...

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