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EuroIntervention state of the art on robotics, imaging, and artificial intelligence in the cath lab; bleeding versus MI risk of mortality in coronary artery disease; treating refractory angina by coronary sinus narrowing; predicting cardiovascular events using coronary flow reserve and hyperaemic microvascular resistance; evaluation of obstructive coronary artery disease using coronary computed tomography angiography; long-term safety of peripheral drug-coated devices; near-infrared spectroscopy assessment of carotid lipid core plaque for stroke risk in carotid artery stenting; and more…

EuroIntervention 2021;17:.

Among the most heated debates on #cardiotwitter is the meaning and value each of us gives to meta-analyses. The detractors of these types of studies are vocal and they don’t like to be contradicted. For them, meta-analyses amplify the noise of each individual trial and – as they say – “take the confusion to a higher level”.

During my career, I’ve been the author of some meta-analyses myself and I can truly say I understand this point of view. However, I believe it is based on the incorrect assumption that performing a meta-analysis ...

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