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An ESC/EAPCI consensus statement on renal denervation; a debate on the future of transcatheter mitral valve replacement; a mini focus on interventional pharmacology, from P2Y12 inhibitors to evolocumab; impact of non-fatal periprocedural major adverse events on ten-year mortality; pathologic responses to abluminal biodegradable versus circumferential durable polymer-coated DES; and more

EuroIntervention 2023;18.

Davide Capodanno
Davide Capodanno
When I wrote about ChatGPT in a previous editorial, the bot had been born so recently that even the most dystopian prediction was largely superseded by the facts. Maybe those who remember the day the calculator came into the world experienced a similar sensation and thought “it’s the end of the world”, or “our brains will atrophy, and robots will take over human beings”. That said, every day it seems more and more clear to me that this is a revolution destined to improve our lives rather than ruin them forever (...

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