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An EAPCI consensus statement on transcatheter interventions for left-sided valvular heart disease complicated by cardiogenic shock; the DEDICATE Trial; minimally invasive tricuspid valve surgery vs TEER; the VDyne valve for tricuspid replacement; an updated meta-analysis on bifurcation PCI; 3-year outcomes of the SORT OUT X trial; a trial of pulmonary artery denervation for pulmonary arterial hypertension; left atrial appendage angiography; and more

EuroIntervention 2023;19.

Davide Capodanno
Davide Capodanno
For years, there was something I felt compelled to do. Since becoming Editor of this Journal, the thought of visiting the EuroIntervention headquarters in Rotterdam had always lingered in my mind, but for various reasons and logistical complexities, I had always postponed acting on this idea.When I took over as Editor, I distinctly remember feeling disorientated by the news that our Editorial Office wouldn’t be relocating to Italy to work directly with me but, instead, the office would remain in Rotterdam, where it had been established. Considering the Journal’s history of in-person exchanges that have ...

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