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Pre-submission Enquiries

Authors may complete the Pre-submission Enquiry form below to ask about the suitability of proposed manuscripts. Completed manuscripts should be uploaded in EuroIntervention submission platform.

Pre-submission options

EIJ article types may be unsolicited (submitted at author discretion via the EIJ online manuscript submission system) or solicited (invited by EIJ editors).

Pre-submission enquiries - Authors who are uncertain of the suitability of their manuscript for publication may consider sending a pre-submission enquiry to the address pre-submission form to save substantial time and effort. The editorial staff will endeavour to respond pre-submission enquiries by e-mail in three (3) business days. Pre-submission enquiries should include a 250-word summary or synopsis of the proposal and the intended list of authors.

Fast track review - Exceptionally EIJ will consider petitions for fast track review. In this case, authors must send their manuscript via e-mail to pre-submission form, ensuring that the manuscript adheres to the EIJ’s instructions to authors. An accompanying cover letter should detail why the authors deem the manuscript suitable for fast track review. The Editors will decide and communicate within two (2) business days whether the manuscript is suitable for fast track or regular review. Approval for fast track review does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript, nor does it guarantee expedited publication if the manuscript is accepted.

Simultaneous publication – EIJ considers fast-track review and simultaneous publication of trials and science scheduled for presentation in leading international conferences. Manuscripts can be considered if submitted at least 30 days before the scheduled presentation. A response on the suitability of the manuscript for this option is normally communicated within two (2) business days. Authors who are interested in this service should submit a pre-submission enquiry to the address pre-submission form. If finally accepted for publication, the manuscript will be online as Just Accepted Article (JAA) coinciding with the presentation and in accordance with the policy of the conference.

Invited or commissioned articles - State-of-the-art reviews, editorials and viewpoints are usually solicited by EIJ editors in advance of submission. Authors who are interested in proposing ideas for these types of articles may also send pre-submission enquiries to the address pre-submission form accompanied by a 250-word summary or synopsis of their proposal and the intended list of authors.

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