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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a manuscript to EIJ?
You can submit your paper by using our Online Submission system.

What types of articles are published by EIJ?

EIJ publishes peer-reviewed articles in English over the entire spectrum of diagnostics and interventions in cardiovascular medicine. In addition to clinical and translational research studies, EIJ publishes state-of-the-art reviews, Expert Reviews, meta-analyses, expert consensus documents, trial design papers, short reports, editorials and viewpoints. Case reports are not considered for publication except when they include striking images of significant educational value in and are submitted in the form of “Interventional flashlights”.

Can I submit a review article?

Review articles are generally on invitation only. If you wish to propose a review article, we kindly ask that the pre-submission enquiry form is completed detailing the intended synopsis.

Can I ask for fast-track review?

In infrequent circumstances, EIJ assigns a fast track status to submissions of timely importance or to coordinate simultaneous publication at the time of international conferences. Authors may request a rapid review using the pre-submission enquiry form or in their cover letter, detailing why they believe their manuscript is suitable for this option. The Editors will decide and communicate within 2 business days whether the manuscript is suitable for fast track or regular review. Approval for fast track review does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript, nor does it guarantee expedited publication if the manuscript is accepted, unless the publication is intended to coincide with presentation at an international conference.

Are there limitations to the number of co-authors for a manuscript?

For most article categories, No. However, each author must have contributed significantly to the manuscript according to ICJME criteria for authorship. All individuals who meet this criteria must be listed as an authors on the manuscript title page and in Editorial Manager. A limit to the number of authors that can be submitted is set for Interventional flashlights (maximum of 5 authors) and letters to the Editor (maximum of three 3 authors).

Are there limitations to the number of words for a manuscript?

Yes. The number of pages in EuroIntervention is limited, therefore we are strict regarding the maximum number of words for each paper. The maximum word count depends on the Article Category. For any text exceeding the word limit an upload of supplementary material is permitted.

Are there limitations to the number of figures and/or tables?

Yes. For most of Article Categories, with the exception of Expert Consensus documents, State-of-the-Art reviews and Trial Design papers.

Are there limitations to the number of references for a manuscript?

Yes. The maximum number depends on the Article Category.

What does the total word count include?

All word count limits are intended for the text from the introduction to the conclusion, and they exclude abstract, figure legends, and table notes.

Does EIJ require a transfer of copyright for accepted papers?

Authors of articles published in EIJ are normally required to transfer copyright rights to Europa Digital & Publishing, the Publisher, unless otherwise specified. This is automatic once a paper is accepted for publication.