Author Centre


Editorial and Publishing Policies


The authors are responsible for the content of the manuscript. All of the authors should have participated in a meaningful way to the design, performance, analysis and/or reporting of the work and agree to be accountable for all its aspects. All of the authors must have read and approved the manuscript.

Authors included in the manuscript should meet all of the following conditions:

  • Substantial contribution to the design and conception or analysis and interpretation of data, or both
  • Drafting of the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content
  • Final approval of the manuscript submitted to the Journal
  • Agreement to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the article are appropriately investigated and resolved

Any other contributors to the work who do not qualify for Authorship (e.g., those of Authors who participated solely in the collection of data) should be listed in the acknowledgements section.

Please refer to the ICMJE guidelines on authorship criteria for more information. A limit to the number of authors that can be submitted is set only for Interventional flashlights (maximum of 5 authors) and letters to the Editor (maximum of 3 authors).

Informed consent

Studies involving experimental animals and humans must conform to the guiding principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. The studies must have been approved by the Institutional Committee on Human Research at the author’s institution and human subjects must have given informed consent for participation in the study.

Written and signed consent to publish patient descriptions, illustrations or videos should be obtained from all persons who can be identified and sent to the editorial office of EuroIntervention. If such informed consent has not been obtained, personal details of patients included in any part of the paper and in any supplementary materials, illustrations and videos, must be removed before submission. Please also refer to the ICMJE recommendation on this subject.

Conflict of interest and financial disclosures

EIJ is committed to publishing articles that are free from commercial influence. To that purpose, any study sponsorship must be fully disclosed, and all the Authors of a paper must make a formal disclosure of any financial associations that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the submitted article at the time of submission.

The Corresponding Author should collect and upload the ICMJE form of each author and will be asked to upload them with the manuscript after the first round of revision, if applicable. The corresponding author is responsible for making sure that in the paper itself the "Conflict of interest statement" corresponds to the information provided on the individual ICMJE forms submitted by the Authors. The manuscript will be sent back to the Authors if one or more of the ICMJE forms are missing at the second round of review of the manuscript.

If none of the Authors have a conflict of interest, this must be clearly stated. If one or more of the authors have declared a conflict of interest, the remaining Authors must state clearly that they have no conflicts of interest to declare. Examples of possible conflicts are: consultancies, corporate appointment, stock ownership or other equity interest or patent-licensing arrangements. The manuscript will be sent back to the Authors if the conflict of interest statement of each Author is not indicated in the original submission.