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Manuscript Organisation

Please bear in mind the following steps for a smoother submission process.

Submission checklist

The following items are required for submission (see the Manuscript Contents section for additional details).

  1. Cover letter (not required for solicited submissions).
  2. Rebuttal letter (required only for revisions or transfers).
  3. Title page
    1. Title (as short and concise as possible. The Editors may ask for edits to improve clarity and as per the Journal’s house style if the manuscript is accepted).
    2. Running title (≤7 words or 50 characters including spaces).
    3. Word count (see article categories for details on the maximum word count allowed for each type of article).
    4. Author names followed by their academic qualifications
    5. Authors affiliations.
    6. A conflict of interest statement covering all authors.
    7. Contact details of the corresponding author (postal address, email, and Twitter handle, if available).
  4. Abstract (≤250 words, see Article Categories for details on the type if abstract required. Abstracts not required for Short Reports, Editorials, Viewpoints, Interventional Flashlights).
  5. Keywords (3 to 6).
  6. Abbreviations and acronyms
  7. Main Text
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. Impact on daily practice (≤125 words, not required for Expert Consensus documents, State-of-the-Art reviews, Trial Design papers, Short Reports, Editorials, Viewpoints, Interventional Flashlights).
  10. References. Please ensure that your references do not include et al’s.
  11. Figure titles and legends
  12. Tables (each on a separate page).
  13. Figures (and Central illustration, if required).
  14. Supplementary material


Prepare your manuscript text using a Word processing package (save as .doc / .docx). Submissions in PDF are not permitted. Oxford (UK) English style and spelling should be used. Use a Times New Roman or Calibri 12-point font with 1-inch margins. The title page, abstract(s) and keywords should be single-spaced. The remaining text should be double-spaced. Page and line numbering should begin with the title page. The number of tables, figures and references should be appropriate for the manuscript content (see Article Categories). Tables must also be submitted in Word format (JPEG format is not acceptable). If the text exceeds the recommended word count, the Editors reserve the right to decline the submission for peer review.