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After Acceptance

EIJ uses highly rigorous standards of editorial, peer, and statistical review to evaluate manuscripts for scientific accuracy, originality, and impact.

After the review process is complete and a decision of final acceptance by the Editorial Board is sent to the Corresponding Author, the manuscript will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal. Currently, EIJ releases 18 issues per year (10 Print issues and 8 Online issues).

Copyright information

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the Authors will be fully responsible for the content of their article as it is submitted and will accept all the conditions including transfer of copyright of publication of the article to the Publisher of EuroIntervention (Europa Digital & Publishing).

Article Production

Accepted papers will be sent to the Production Department for grammar and clarity checking, and for proofing preparation. Galley proofs will be sent to the Corresponding Author.

It is the responsibility of the corresponding author, on behalf of the co-authors, to check the comments of the Production Department carefully, address the points and queries highlighted, and return the revised galley proofs promptly. If an article is accepted for Fast Track publication, the same steps will be taken with a condensed schedule requiring a shorter time for the Corresponding Author.

The manuscript will not be modified after acceptance (except for grammar, spelling or typographic errors). If the Authors request substantial changes to the text, tables or figures, the manuscript will re-enter the review process.

Ahead of Print publications

As a public service to our Authors and Readers, accepted articles will be rapidly published online in their final format. Accepted manuscripts will immediately undergo technical editing, formatting and author proofreading before being published online. Articles will then await allocation to a final print or online issue. 

Article Performance

Upon opening the webpage of an accepted article the authors will be able to view and track the papers metrics, including:

  • Total and recent citations
  • Where an article has been cited since publication
  • Mentions on Social Media, news outlets and other sources of attentions

EIJ promotes content on a daily, weekly or periodical basis to a broader audience via the PCRonline website, dedicated newsletters and its social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

Retraction and Editorial Expression of Concern

If scientific misconduct is alleged, or concerns are otherwise raised about the conduct or integrity of work described in submitted or published papers, the Editorial Board of EIJ will follow the recommendation of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and will conduct an investigation.

The Board of EuroIntervention will consult the members of the Ethics Committee and contact the authors with their concerns. Should the Journal find evidence of a misconduct, the article will be retracted or an Editorial Expression of Concern will be published. The Authors and their Superiors will be contacted along with their Institution, and the Reviewers and the Readers will be informed.