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Medical device regulation in Europe – what is changing and how can I become more involved?

Regulation of Medical Devices: Your Community Needs You!

Problems with the regulation of medical devices worldwide have received widespread attention in the lay media. The law in Europe has recently changed and the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) will come into full effect in May 2020. The new law relies on the engagement of physicians to provide expert opinions on applications for approval of certain categories of medical devices. Of all medical specialties, cardiology will likely be affected the most. Our involvement as physicians is critical to the success of this new law!

What to do:

  • Register your interest and complete the DOI form

Please remember:

  • A panel of up to 1000 experts is foreseen.
  • Even if you are unsure of your qualification, you should apply to be considered!
  • Even if you are unable to commit time in the near future, you should still apply now to be a member of the expert panel database. Your expertise may be called upon at a later date
For more information on the new Medical Device Regulation read the editorial of Robert Byrne